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Traffic Ticket and Moving Violation Defense Attorney in the Hudson Valley

Don’t Just Plead Guilty,
Fight That Ticket!

Save the time and the trouble of going to court!
Let Attorney Mark Smalec work to get you the best deal on your ticket!

Fight a moving violation without
leaving your house!

It happened… you—or your son or daughter—got a speeding ticket or other moving violation! The natural reaction is to just plead guilty. Who has the time to spend going to court, meeting with lawyers, or filling out paperwork? Besides, aren’t the odds stacked against you?

NO! You CAN fight that Ticket, and it doesn’t have to cost you tons of time or money!

Attorney Mark Smalec will work to fight your ticket with several goals in mind…

Attorney Mark Smalec will first scrutinize your ticket to make a legal determination whether there is a basis for dismissal of your ticket. If not, then his next goal will be to negotiate a zero-point plea arrangement or a plea that will not cause you an insurance premium increase.

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Fines for Cell Phone and Texting Violations