Why Mark Smalec?

  • Mark Smalec has been licensed to practice law for 31 years
  • He is a former Administrative Law Judge for NYC Parking Violations Bureau
  • Mark has extensive experience representing drivers of motor vehicles
  • Working with an attorney experienced in moving violations and traffic ticket defense can reduce points you receive, reduce your stress, and save you time and money!

About Mark Smalec, Attorney at Law

After graduating from law school, with honors, Attorney Mark Smalec began his legal career as a defense attorney with a major insurance company in New York. He was in court almost every day, trying motor vehicle accident cases, talking to juries, and learning the DMV laws that apply to automobile drivers.


Mark has been representing drivers of automobiles involved in motor vehicle accidents, traffic related crimes, and traffic infractions for most of his legal career, and has been concentrating his efforts on Traffic Ticket Defense in recent years.