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Traffic Ticket and Moving Violation Defense Attorney in the Hudson Valley

Speeding Tickets during the Pandemic

Speeding tickets are a significant source of revenue for local municipalities. Since the beginning of the  pandemic, the states, cities, towns, and villages have faced a significant loss of revenue due to the loss of, what used to be, regular income for traffic violations. Now, since the local courts have begun to reopen, the NYS Troopers and local police have been trying to make up for  five months of lost revenue.

If you had gone into any local court on a day or evening that they held traffic court before the pandemic, you would have seen as many as fifty people  or more (including attorneys) who were there for a pretrial conference on a speeding summons or other violation. The courts have for the most part, been closed for about five months because of COVID-19.  With average fines and surcharges that could be as high as $250, we are talking about a lot of money.

The table below will give you an idea how much money it can cost drivers who are fined for speeding.

If the fine is for a second speeding conviction within  an 18-month period, the maximum fine may be increased by $150.  If the conviction is for a third speeding violation within an 18-month period, the maximum fine may be increased by $375.

My first suggestion for anyone who is faced with speeding summons or other traffic violation  is not to plead guilty and mail the summons to the local court. To do that is a big mistake. In addition to the fine, points on the license and insurance premium increases will follow.

The Driver Reconciliation Fee kicks in when you have six points on your license in any 18-month period. The fee is $100 per year for 3 years, for 6 points. For each additional point add $25 more per year, to the fine.

If you are unfortunate to get hit with 11 points on your license in any 18-month period, your license will be suspended. If you are convicted on three speeding summonses in any 18-month period, your license will be suspended or revoked.

This is not intended to serve as legal advice. If you have legal questions, please contact your attorney.

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